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Current/Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Key Action 2 projects: 

Steps project STEPS
Project Number: 2018-1-EL01-KA204-047874
Project Title: Supporting Ties in the Education of Prisoners
Project period: Nov. 2018 – Oct. 2021
Partners: Scientific Association for the Promotion of Educational Innovation (EEPEK) – coordinator, 2nd “Second Chance” School of Larissa – GR, Kerigma – PT, Citizens in Power – CY, CPIA 1 Lazio (Centro Provinciale per l’Istruzione degli Adulti) – IT.
Project languages: The project’s outputs will be available in English, Greek, Italian and Protoguese.

Co-funded by: The ERASMUS+ Programme, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education action.


The “STEPs” project aims to give opportunities to prisoners, to free them from ignorance, social awkwardness and “disability” and to offer them support and restorative experience to escape from the vicious circle of marginalization, crime and unemployment. The way to break this cycle is to foster confidence, to live by using legal means and to avoid the recurrence, so as to choose education and training before their release and through this facilitate job finding and avoid marginalization, unemployment and eventual criminality. The project will produce innovative VR training material (Virtual Reality Rooms), which will be used in prison schools and rehabilitation centers.

For more info visit the project’s website, and facebook page.


ERASMUS+ Accreditation

 EEPEK has received accreditation in the Adult Education sector, for Key Action 1 projects (period 2021-2027), with accreditation number:2020-1-EL01- KA120-ADU-094746.


Ongoing Key Action 1 mobility projects:

Project Number: 2020-1-EL01-KA104-078552
Project Title: Digital Literacy and Cultivation of Critical Thinking and Creativity in Adult Students
Project period: Sep. 2020 – Aug. 2022


This project aims to develop a set of knowledge and skills that will allow adult educators to cultivate digital literacy in combination with critical thinking and creativity in order to pass down to their students the knowledge and skills that are essential for the 21st century professionals. It aims to enhance the role and the work of the members of EEPEK that work in the Adult Education sector, as well as to improve the educational services EEPEK provides as well as internationalize and enhance its activities.

 The project will involve adult educators interested in:
- Educational activities and approaches for activating and fostering creativity, critical thinking, as well as communication and collaborative skills to their students.
- Using state-of-the-art digital education tools in order to take advantage of the vast amount of digital information, and achieve productive collaboration and communication in the modern digital world.
- Exploring the study of art, inside and outside of the classroom, with the aim of familiarizing students with the creative process and utilizing art-related activities for their personal development and well-being. The project includes three mobility groups/flows.


Project Number: 2019-1-EL01-KA104-062026
Project Title: Building Learning Communities in Adult Education for Migrants - Refugees
Project period: Sep. 2019 – Aug. 2021


This project concerns adult educators of refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers. It concerns the knowledge and the horizontal competences that educators should acquire in order to attain the educational and training objectives for the above groups of learners. In particular, the project aims at:

  • The acquisition of horizontal skills of adult education staff in the context of intercultural education, namely:
    • Raising awareness and acquiring knowledge and skills in intercultural and multicultural education
    •  Acquiring knowledge and experience for the use of art, and, in particular, theater and dramatization, as alternative tools for communication and co-operation in teaching.
  • Creation of learning communities based on specific learning needs and common interests.
  • European Dimension and Professional Development of the participants.

The project includes two mobility groups/flows.


Past projects

Erasmus+ KA1


Project Title: Fostering a Growth Mindset for Successful Career Management

Aiming at evolution of EEPEK’s distance and experiential learning courses. New courses include Career Management and Counselling.

Europe for Citizens


Project Title: Memory Against Inhumanity (MAI+)

The aim of the project was to raise awareness of teachers and students wrt the way totalitarian regimes has treated people with mental of physical disabilities. EEPEK Produced four videos, together with students from four secondary schools in Greece;

Erasmus+ KA1


Project Title: Development of Horizontal Skills For Adult Educators

This project involved teacher mobilities wrt horizontal skills acquisition. The outcomes included the creation of new courses including Leadership in Education, School Organization and Administration, and Non-violent Conflict Resolution in Schools.

Erasmus+ KA1


Project Title: Innovative Approaches for Teaching the Theoretical Part of Adult Education Courses

This project included digital competences and tools for educators. Its outcomes assisted the evolution of EEPEK’s distance and experiential learning courses. New courses included Web 2.0 Tools, Technology integration in teaching and Educational Robotics.