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The main purpose of E.E.P.E.K is to promote innovative actions in the educational community and the development of appropriate support structures that can be applied to the wider Greek educational system.

Among the various objectives are the following:

  • The development and promotion of technological and educational services for finding and implementing the most appropriate educational activities.
  • Developing partnerships to conduct scientific studies and research both among its members and with organizations and persons belonging to the educational community or in connection with it.
  • To inform its members on the developments in the implementation of the Educational Innovation.
  • The development of collaborations with similar unions and associations in other states as well as participation in community initiatives and/or international organizations designed to inform teachers, develop studies, design, implementation and evaluation of programs relating to the dissemination and use of innovation in education.
  • The free flow and shaping of scientific ideas among members and friends of the Association.
  • The creation and cultivation of closer links of solidarity and communication among members of the Association.

Implementation of the goals

To achieve the above objectives, EEPEK intends immediately to operate in the following areas:

  • Organization conferences (independently or in collaboration with other institutions), workshops and other events that contribute to the training of its members and the entire educational community.
  • Create and maintain a website for the promotion of the Association's activities and to inform the educational community.
  • Creating links, relations and / or partnerships with relevant bodies and associations within and outside the Greek territory.
  • Participation (independently or in collaboration with other institutions) in national or European programs.
  • Issuing electronic (or printed) magazine of the Union on issues related to the design, development and implementation of innovative actions to the Primary and Secondary Education.
  • Organization of student or educational competitions and exhibitions related to innovation in the educational environment and the school community.